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Bodmin Rugby Club - Open Air Gig

This was quite an eventful day. It was such a wonderful sunny Saturday morning. The date was Saturday 12th July 1980.

We drove to Bodmin Rugby Club in the morning to setup the stage and lights, and the weather was wonderful. In the afternoon we did our sound-check, however we could see clouds on the horizon, but this was summer. It was July so the weather would be good, wouldn't it?.

By the evening, it was raining hard. I remember British Intelligence played a great set. I think they may have been playing later in Bodmin, possibly at the Bodmin Jail or Bodmin Football Club.

We actually played in the rain and got completely soaked, including the equipment. We must have been crazy. This was in the days before Health & Safety.

It was a great gig despite the weather, somehow when we were challenged, we rose to the occasion.

Personnel from left to right: Graham Hicks playing a Gibson 335 (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Alan Martin (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Clifford Lake (Drums), Bob Etheridge (Bass Guitar/Vocals), and out of the photo to the right would have been Adrian (Fred) Cheetham on Keyboards/Vocals.








A flyer for the gig.


Myself and Alan


The stage is actually the flatbed of a truck