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Bruce and myself


The Beach Boys on stage at Plymouth Pavilions


Me, Bruce and Elaine backstage at Candlestick Park.




Autographed (Mike Love-Bruce Johnston) Sunflower CD from Plymouth Pavilions.



Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys)

Plymouth Pavilions

This photograph was taken on Tuesday Nov 9th, 2004 outside of the Plymouth Pavilions.

Bruce Johnston History:

Johnston's first vocal recording with the Beach Boys was on "California Girls".

He also wrote the Barry Manilow hit, ( "I Write the Songs") for which he won a Grammy. "I Write The Songs" has been recorded by over two hundred artists (including Frank Sinatra) and it currently has a cumulative singles/albums worldwide sales figure of twenty-five million copies.

This song many people mistakenly assume was written by Barry Manilow, who had a massive hit with this song.

Bruce Johnson wrote "Disney Girls" which was recorded by the Beach Boys on their 1971 alum, "Surf's Up".  Art Garfunkel also recorded this song.

This song is one of my favourites. You can hear a short extract of my recorded version of "Disney Girls" at this link.


Front of stage photo of the Beach Boys playing at Plymouth Pavilions.










The photograph to the left was taken backstage at Candlestick Park, San Francisco on Saturday May 21st 1988.

This was my first Beach Boys concert in the U.S.A.