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Bruce Welch

Rhythm Guitarist - The Shadows

This photograph was taken backstage at the Brian Wilson Tribute gig in South Kensington, London on Sunday 17th September 1995. At this venue I performed "Love & Mercy", a Brian Wilson song, as part of my solo set.

At this tribute gig I also played "Be My Baby", a hit song by the Ronettes and also Brian Wilson's favourite song, with a band called "The Surfonics". I also played with Martin Lawford's Gidea Park. Gidea Park had several top 20 hits including, "Beach Boys Gold" and "Seasons of Gold".  Adrian Baker the founder of Gidea Park left to join the Beach Boys.

The person to my left is Bruce Welch of "The Shadows". The most outstanding rhythm guitarist of my era, responsible for helping to create those great songs by "The Shadows", such as "Apache" and "Wonderful Land".

To my right is Tony Rivers. Tony was responsible for revitalising the career of Cliff Richard during the 1970's.
Listen to the arrangements of songs like "Devil Woman" and most notably "Miss You Nights" by Cliff and also listen to the wonderful vocal harmonies on the "How I Miss You" segment, during the middle eight of this song".

Tony also had a top 20 hit in the 1970's with "Move in A Little Closer Baby", with his band Harmony Grass.

Tony Rivers also performed with "Coconut Grove" at the " Beach Boys Convention" in London.



Below is a ticket from "The Shadows" concert at the Cornwall Coliseum. The date of the concert was 28th July 1984.





Song playing is PeacePipe by the Shadows