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Carlton Suite, Liskeard

The photograph on the left was taken at the Carlton Suite in Liskeard. Year unknown.

The line-up of the band would have been Pete Coombe (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Alan Martin (Guitar/Vocals), Cliff Lake (Drums/Vocals), Graham Hicks (Guitar/Vocals) and Fred Cheetham (Keyboards/Vocals).


Songs we played at the Carlton Suite in Liskeard.

To be added soon.


Moving the Piano

We needed to move a piano that was already on stage, so we decided that as it had castors we could just push it across the stage, however when we attempted this it tipped over, and all of the keys fell out and onto the floor.

The owner of the Carlton Suite, Ken Allen, phoned us the next day and informed us that he was going to inform the police.  We offered to put things right, so the following evening, myself and Fred Cheetham called at the Carlton Suite to put the keys back in their repective places.  We didn’t reaslise how difficult this was going to be, as each key had to be put back in in exactly the same location as it was previously. Eventually we managed it, and I remember Ken Allen commenting that it should have been "that chap with the moustache that should have called to sort the piano", as he felt that person was responsible.  The person he was referring to was Pete Coombe.  Pete had nothing to do with the moving of the piano, but actually got the blame.

Graham Hicks (April 2011)