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Dean Torrence

Dean of Jan & Dean

This photograph was taken outside of Dean's R.V in Discovery Park, Sacramento, California in 1989.

Jan & Dean were performing in front of several thousand fans, and the event was to be transmitted live on the radio.

I was invited by Dean to go on stage during the final part of the concert.

I was desperate to get hold of an audio copy of my performance. After several attempts to find an audio copy. I received a phone call from California early one Monday morning informing me that an audio copy of my performance couldn't be found. Would a video copy be ok

It transpired that Dean had video taped the complete concert and would I like a copy.

I received the video copy of the whole concert , including my performance in the post a week later.

Many thanks to Dean Torrence for inviting me on stage and sending me a video of the complete concert.

Thanks also to Les Chan for making this possible. I am truly grateful.