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Band Members.

Graham Hicks (Drums)
Duncan Yelland ?(Bass Guitar)

Can't remember who else was in the band






Friday 24th December 1965 –Roche Victory Hall.


League of Gentlemen


Sadly I am unable to find a photograph of the band.


Dates and Events


Friday 5th November 1965 – Played St. Dennis
Saturday 27th November 1965 – Roche Victory Hall (supporting "The Scorpions" from Bristol)
Tuesday 30th November 1965 – St Stephen
Thursday 9th December 1965 - Telstar Youth Club. St. Stephen
(advert says “No Striptease But The League of Gentlemen”)

Monday 13th December 1965 – St. Austell Church Hall
Friday 24th December 1965  - Roche Victory Hall
Thursday 30th December 1965 – Roche Victory Hall




Thursday 9th December 1965 –Telstar Youth Club - St. Stephen.



Saturday 27th November 1965  - Supporting the "Scorpions" from Bristol.

A short guest appearance by the "League of Gentlemen"



Friday 5th November St. Dennis - I remember we played on a flat-bed truck in a field.