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L. (Lloyd) Gill was our manager

Band Members.

Lynne Beard (Vocalist)
Chris Rickard (Lead Guitar)
Graham Hicks (Drums)
Les Gill (Bass Guitar)







Lynne and The Travellers


Sadly I am unable to find a photograph of the band.

My first performance with Lynne and The Travellers was on Tuesday 15th December 1964 at St. Stephen in Brannel School.

I remember this date because Lynne's boyfriend wanted to beat me up!  I do remember why.

Another date that I can recall is Friday 18th December 1964, at St. Dennis School Rooms.


Additional dates and events

Thursday 31st Dec 1964 – St Dennis Institute
Friday 6th February 1965 – Enniscaven
Friday 12th February 1965 Church Hall St. Austell supporting "Del Spartan and His Dominators", see advert above.
29th March 1965 – Had a new rhythm guitarist (Can't remember who)
Friday 9th April 1965 – somewhere in St. Dennis with the Travellers
Friday 7th May 1965 – St. Dennis Church Rooms
Tuesday 11th May 1965 (Lynne left the band)