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The photograph above is actually Lake Harmony



A rare photo of me playing bass guitar, and Pete Flukes.


Another photo from the same night as the one above.





The line-up of this band consists of Graham Hicks (Me) (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Ivan Lyne (Drums/Vocals), Pete
Flukes (Lead Vocals/Guitar), John Pearn (Bass Guitar/Vocals).

The photograph was taken at one of the local social clubs. Can't remember where.

I still have that white suit stored away somewhere.

There were other variations of Pageant, notably "Lake Harmony" and "Shabby Tiger".

We used to play at various venus around Cornwall and the Plymouth area.







The line-up in this photograph is Simon Trethewey (keyboards), Pete Flukes (Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar),
Graham Hicks (Lead Guitar/Vocals). The drummer is obscured, but possibly Colin Warne. The venue is possibly Bethel Social Club.


Business card for Lake Harmony.


carlton suite


The advert above shows "Lake Harmony" playing at the Carlton Suite in Liskeard, supported by a band called "The Texans".

The year was 1975.



A contract for "Shabby Tiger" at the Drum Major pub in Bodmin.

The dates were 27th September, 18th October, 8th November, December 13th 1974, and 17th January 1975.

The fee for these gigs was £27.50.  Surely that can't be right!!!