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Listing from the "TV Times" for Saturday 17th January 1976



The photograph to the left is a still from our performance on the ATV television programme, "New Faces". We appeared on this show on Saturday January 17th 1976. Transmission time was at 5.45pm for those that like to have detail. The show was transmitted in colour, despite the b/w photos to the left.

The "New Faces" show was transmitted from Birmingham. We spent 3 days at the ATV studios doing rehearsals etc.

The band personnel, from left, Mick Jackman (Keyboards - Vibes/Vocals), Derek Fitzpatrick, (Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals), Fritz (Drums) and Graham Hicks, (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

The arrangement of the song that we chose to perform was "Something", written by George Harrison, combined with the instrumental section of "Mc' Arthur Park", written by Richard Harris.

Al Hodge was a member of Shaneda when we did the New Faces audition in Bristol on the 12th November 1975, however he was unable to perform on the show because of his contract to C.B.S with the band "Rogue".

Shaneda also recorded a song entitled, "You're So Much Like A Woman", at Roche Recording Studio on Monday 4th February and Monday 23rd February 1976. Finished recording at 04.00am.

The band were originally called "Smith and Jones", but changed the name because there was another band with this name.


Video Clip 1 - 30 second clip

Video Clip 2 - 30 second clip


"Memories of the audition "

When we auditioned for "New Faces" in Bristol on the 12th November 1975, there was another band who auditioned just before us called "Sparrow".  I remember the song they played at this audition was their version of "Got To Get You Into My Life", written by Lennon/Mc'Cartney, and recorded by Beatles.

They were unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic harmonies.

I have done some research on "Sparrow", and now realise that the members of this band were Brian Hudson (Harmony Grass), Tony Harding (Harmony Grass), John Perry (Grapefruit and later with Cliff Richard), Stu Calver (Cliff Richard) and Tom Marshall (Harmony Grass).  They actually won "New Faces" and released a single on CBS called "Oh Doctor".  See my "Harmony Grass" page.


Camera Script for the song we performed on New Faces.