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The Merseybeats on stage at Roche Victory Hall on Friday 6th October 1995.


This photograph has been included because it shows a band, maybe the "Arcadians" playing at Roche Victory Hall, year unknown. It also shows the interior of the hall as it used to be in the 1960's.  The guitarist on the right is missing.  Probably gone to the pub.




Victory Hall , Roche

This photograph is from our final performance at Roche Victory Hall on Friday 6th October 1995. We had done another final performance on Saturday 13th May 1995 at Hendra Tourist Park in Newquay a few months earlier. This final gig at Roche was to fulfil an outstanding engagement booked before we decided to disband.

This final gig at Roche Victory Hall, supporting the "Merseybeats", was also one of our best live performances.

This last performance was also special to me as Roche is my home village.

Band members in the photograph : Dave May (Keyboards/Vocals), Graham Hicks (Guitar/Vocals), Neil Sudlow (Drums/Vocals), Alan Martin (Guitar/Vocals) and Pete Coombe (Bass Guitar/Vocals).

The strange back-drop behind the band is probably something to do with Roche pantomime. Thought I'd mention that. I didn't want anyone to think that this was actually our back-drop.




The photograph to the left was taken backstage at Roche Victory Hall when we supported "Mike Pender's Searchers".

The date was Friday 14th October 1994.









Another photograph from our last gig.






Only £7 to see Coconut Grove and The Merseybeats.  What a bargain.