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That's me playing drums. 



Advert from first gig



Advert from our last gig - Bodmin Public Rooms - 3rd September 1964


Barbara and The Boyfriends on stage in Germany.

We supported Barbara and The Boyfriends at our final gig, see advert above.

Many thanks to Paul Morehead (Lead Guitarist of Barbara and The Boyfriends) for this photograph.

Copyright - Paul Morehead.



Grampund Road on Saturday 4th July 1964.



  The photo above is John Trevail.  John is playing a Watkins Rapier guitar.



The original Eric Delaney Snare Drum & Stand that I used in 1964.

Yes I still have that snare drum and stand.



A poster from Roche Victory Hall.
Supporting the fabulous "Stringbeats" (of Torquay).


A photograph of the Stringbeats from 1964.
Copyright - Barry Sowden

Shivering Sands

This was my first band. The personnel from left to right are:-

Leslie Rowe, (Bass Guitar), Peter White (Guitar), John Trevail (Guitar), I'm not in this photograph. I was actually the drummer in this band. See the photograph below.  Michael Hill eventually replaced Leslie Rowe on Bass Guitar.

Looking at these photographs, I notice the absence of a microphone. I can assume from this, that no one actually sang in this band. The lead and rhythm guitar's are Watkins Rapiers. Not sure about the bass guitar, far left. We couldn't afford a bass guitar so we just removed two of six strings. Also note the bass guitar was not "plugged in". The reason as that Leslie could not play guitar. He was even told at this gig to turn down because he was too loud!!!!!!!

We later added a girl singer called Susan Hill. We then changed the name of the band to "Susan and the Shivering Sands".

Sadly I have no photographs of Susan.

The first date we played was at Roche Church Rooms on Monday 11th May 1964. This photo was probably taken on that date. See advertisement from the "Cornish Guardian" below.

The final date was at Bodmin Public Room on Thursday September 3rd supporting "Barbara and The Boy Friends". Notice the incorrect spelling of "Shimmering Sands.


This is the first photograph of me playing drums. My age is 14 years. This photograph is from the same gig as the above photograph. The venue is Roche Church Rooms.

Other dates as "The Shivering Sands" are as follows:-

Tuesday 12th May - Bugle Legion Hall

Monday 18th May - Roche Victory Hall (supporting "The Stringbeats")

Monday 8th June - Roche Church Rooms

Monday 15th June - Roche Church Rooms

Thursday 18th June - The Rectory, Roche

Saturday 4th July - Grampound Road

Wednesday 8th July - King Mark, Newquay

Sunday 12th July - Farmers Arms, St. Columb Minor, nr Newquay

Tuesday 14th July - Gull Rock Hotel, Newquay

Wednesday 15th July - King Mark, Newquay

Friday 17th July - St. Enoder

Saturday 18th July - St. Columb

Wednesday 22nd July - King Mark, Newquay

Thursday 23rd July - Church Hall, St. Austell

Tuesday 28th July - King Mark, Newquay

Wednesday 29th July - Withiel

Wednesday 5th August - King Mark, Newquay

Thursday 6th August - Trewoon

Wednesday 19th August - King Mark, Newquay

Wednesday 26th August - King Mark, Newquay

Friday 28th August - Church School, St. Dennis

Thursday 3rd September - Public Rooms, Bodmin


Me playing drums at Roche Victory Hall. I love the shades. We use to call them "sunglasses" in those days.

The drum hit consisted of an "Eric Delaney" snare drum, an "Edgware" small-tom and a "Gigster" bass drum. I still hadn't been able to afford a full kit at this stage of my career.  I still have that "Eric Delaney" red-glitter snare drum.



This advert, from the Cornish Guardian, was from our 2nd gig at Bugle Legion Hall on Tuesday 12th May 1964.

This is the Shivering Sands all the way from ROCHE!!!



Available for Parties and Dances - "The Shivering Sands" Rock Group.
Michael Hill was our Booking Agent.  John Hicks was our Manager.


All instruments and vocals were through a single Selmer Guitar amplifier.  Most likely a Selmer Twin Zodiac, (with the blinking eye). 
Vocals were through a Grampian Gr2H ribbon microphone. 

Mode of Transport.

We travelled in a Milk Van, (yes it was enclosed), which belonged to Les Hill, the father of Susan Hill who also was the local milkman.

Some of the songs we played:-

Set list from Friday 28th August 1964 - Church School, St. Dennis

Good Golly Miss Molly
Please Mr. Postman
Can’t Buy Me Love
Tell Me Why
And I Love Her
I Only Want To Be With You.  (sung by Susan)
Will You Still Lover Me Tomorrow (sung by Susan)
Roll Over Beethoven
Long Tall Sally
Farmer John
Don’t Throw Your Love Away
Wipe Out (instrumental)
The Cruel Sea (instrumental)
Perfidia (instrumental)

Not on set list, but part of the set was:

Da Doo Ron Ron (sung by Susan) A hit for the Crystals in 1963.


Nails in the Floor

I remember playing in the restaurant, upstairs, at the Royal Talbot Hotel in Lostwithiel.  My Bass drum had a problem in that it would creep along the stage when performing. To overcome this I would nail a piece of wood into the floor to stop it moving. I started hammering nails into the floor at the restaurant and as you can imagine the owner wasn't’ too pleased.  

In the photo of me playing at Roche Victory Hall you can actually see the piece of wood nailed into the floor just in front of the bass drum.






A data sheet for the Watkins Rapier guitars that John Trevail and Peter White played in the Shivering Sands.