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The photograph above is from St. Austell Youth Centre.


The photograph above shows Brian May (Vocals).


The photograph above was taken in 1967 at Doublestiles, Newquay.

Dave May, Pete Coombe, Geoff Treverton and Alan Martin.

(Many thanks to Wendy Wright for giving me this photograph)

Coconut Grove - Original Publicity Photograph

This photograph is of the original Coconut Grove and many years before I joined the band. Taken sometime in the 1960's.

The band personnel were, from left to right:-

Geoff Treverton (Drums/Vocals), Alan Martin (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Pete Coombe (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Dave May (Keyboards/Vocals).

Love those socks Dave!!



Just recently a recording of the Coconut Grove at Doublestiles has been discovered.   This recording dates from August 1969.  You can hear a snippet of the first track "See You In September" on this web page.




    Track Listing:

Program 1

See You In September
Canadian Sunset
Move In A Little Closer Baby
Sing This All Together
Working My Way Back To You

Program 2

Say You Don't Mind
James Bond (Theme)
Back In The U.S.S.R.
I'm Sending Out an (S.O.S.)
Hey Grandma
Good Times









A programme from the Rock and Rhythm Championship of Cornwall, 7th March 1966.  Note that The Vigilantes
are listed. P. Combe (Bass Guitar), B. May (Lead Vocal), D. May (Rhythm Guitar), G. Treverton (Drums) and
A. Martin (Lead Guitar). The Vigilantes came 2nd to The Reaction, featuring Roger Taylor (pre-Queen) in 1966.

The Vigilantes won this competition the following year and also again in 1969.




A programme from the Top Group Championship of Cornwall, 13th January 1969.  Notice the change
of name from the Rock and Rhythm Championship.

The Vigilantes were now a 4-piece consisting of Peter Coombe (Bass Guitar/Vocal), Alan Martin
(Lead Guitar/Vocal), Dave May (Organ/Vocal) and Geoff Treverton (Drums/Vocal).
The Vigilantes won this competition.

A few interesting links to members of some of the other bands that also feature on this programme:-

Derek Fitzpatrick (Gin House) and D. Phillips (Trevenson Tree Tramplers) later played with Shaneda.
Colin Hannah and Clive Jury (The Good Times) later played with Safron.
Ivan Lyne and John Pearn (Trevenson Tree Tramplers) later played with Pageant.